OWASP Joomla Vulnerability Scanner


sudo apt-get install libtest-www-mechanize-perl


Usage: perl joomscan.pl -u -x proxy:port
-u = joomla Url
-x = proXy to tunnel
-c = cookie (name=value;)
-g “” = desired useraGent string within ”
-nv = No Version fingerprinting check
-nf = No Firewall detection check
-nvf/-nfv = No version+firewall check
-pe = Poking version only
(and Exit the scanner)
-ot = Output to Text file (target-joexploit.txt)
-oh = Output to Html file (target-joexploit.htm)
-vu = Verbose (output every Url scan)
-sp = Show completed Percentage

joomscan.pl -pv -u victim.com -x localhost:8080
Check: joomscan.pl check
This option will check if the scanner update is available or not.
Update: joomscan.pl update
This option will check and update the local database if newer
version is available.
Download: joomscan.pl download
– Download the scanner latest version as a single zip file – joomscan-latest.zip.
Defense: joomscan.pl defense
This option will give you a defensive note.
About: joomscan.pl story
This option will give you a short story about joomscan.
Read: joomscan.pl read DOCFILE
DOCFILE – changelog,release_note,readme,credits,faq,owasp_project

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